WhatRuns (hereinafter referred to as 'The Product’) is a facility provided by the Sitefrog Limited - Company No. 10417338 (hereinafter referred to as 'The Company'). The terms of this policy apply when you access WhatRuns website, extensions, platform, widgets, and/ or any other interactive feature; however accessed including computer, tablet, mobile device or any other technology and whether as a registered user or a guest.

The product is provided through World Wide Website sited at https://www.whatruns.com and the terms and conditions as set out below will govern user's usage of this product and users shall be legally bound by these terms and conditions.

The rules as detailed shall also apply to all the information, manuscripts, graphics, links of different products, any other publicly made available resources on The product by means of uploading, downloading or emerging thereof on The product and also including but not restricting to the information users share by purchasing and providing a link to the third party vendor with the Company.

Please refrain yourself from using or accessing this product or any data/ information/ material stored/ presented on this product, in case you do not agree with any of the terms listed below. User's use of this product whether frequent or not shall be deemed to be his/ her acceptance to all the terms and conditions listed below.

The company holds and reserves the right to change/ update/ revise these terms at any time with or without any prior notice to the users. Users will be notified of any revision/ update or change in the terms by way of uploading the revised terms on the company's website www.whatruns.com . It is the responsibility of the users to check and read the terms at regular interval on the company's website as mentioned above. In absence of any communication otherwise, it shall be deemed that the users consent to abide by the revised terms.

General Restrictions on Using the Product

The company and all the parties authorised by the company thereof reserve all the rights on the data, information, documents, products, products, software and images presented on The product offered by the company including and not restricted to the company's logo, trademarks, graphics and any images thereof (collectively hereinafter referred to as 'the content').

It’s solely users responsibility to use our product, provide any information publicly, post any of the personal information, provide any confidential information, use any personal pictures, post links to other websites on The product and/ or be responsible for any repercussions thereof. The content so made available on The product in the ways including but not restricting to posting and displaying the content on The product may be made publicly available to other authorised users of this product and/ or may even be used by any other third party so authorised by the company for further processing. It is the responsibility of the users to only share the information on this product that they are willing to share with wider public at large. It is strongly recommended by the company that users should not share any such piece of valuable information that they are not comfortable sharing with mass. The company does not have any liability for sharing any personal information of its users with public which users made available on the product.

The product is for users of legal age and who can enter into a binding contract. The product is not for any person who is barred from receiving products under the laws and statutes of the England and Wales or any other jurisdiction as applicable and as amended from time to time. This product shall be used only in compliance with these terms and conditions as listed and also in accordance with all the applicable international, national, regional and local laws, jurisdictions, rules and regulations.

The products offered by the company may evolve continuously and the nature and manner of the products provided by the company may change from time to time without any prior notice to the users. It is at the discretion of the company to terminate any product or stop it (whether for temporary period or for the permanent use), may delete, prohibit or not allow any features provided by any of the products to any particular user or a group of users or to all the users thereof without any prior notice to its users. In cases stated above the company does not have any liability whatsoever and the company retains the right to determine the future use of any product or any of its features thereof.

It is the sole responsibility of the users to protect and not share their user name and/ or password used for accessing this product. The users are responsible for any malicious activities, actions or any act thereof under their account whether or not such activities or actions were carried out or authorised by the users. The company strongly recommends to all its users to make use of robust passwords. The users shall immediately notify the company in case of any unauthorised use or suspicion of unauthorised use of their passwords or accounts thereof. The company will not stand liable for any kind of loss or damage faced by any user due to his/ her failure to comply with the terms and requirements so mentioned above.

Third Party Content

The company does not take the responsibility of any comment, opinion, post, advice, statement, product, offer, event or any other information or content expressed or made available on this product by any third parties, including but not restricted to technology providers and users, belong to those respective author(s), party (ies) thereof and not of the company. The company does not endorse, recommend, approve and it is not responsible for supervising, monitoring, accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any opinion, advice, information or statement made on this product. The company is not liable for any compensation for any liability arising out of use of (or lack thereof) of such content made available on the product.

Content You Submit

Users are responsible for the use of product, for any information they share and for any consequences thereof, including but not restricted to the use of such information by other users or any other such third party as authorised by the company.

The company is not liable for use of user's information so collected in accordance with the terms as listed in this document and the privacy policy. It is understood that the user has a right and/ or authority to post, share, recommend or comment on any information and content so written or shared by him on The product provided by the company. In case of any infringement of these rights the user shall be liable in his individual capacity or any other capacity as deemed fit by the regulators or any jurisdiction authority thereof for protecting or using such information. However, the company shall not be held liable under any of these circumstances.

The use of this product deem necessary that the users agree to the use of any information, content or material so provided on The product or made available in the public domain by the company or any other third party as authorised by the company for using, reproducing, copying, further processing, modifying, publishing, transmitting, displaying, distributing and/ or copying all the contents, information, materials or a part thereof with royalty free access (with the right to sub license) and/ or non exclusive rights. Such information or content may be used by the company in media or in any other way (whether known currently or developed later). Users are not entitled for any sort of compensation whether in cash or kind for the use of information or content so supplied, shared, posted or in any manner otherwise made available through this product whether or not used by other entities or individuals as authorised or partnered with by the company.

The company reserves the rights to modify the user generated information, content or any material thereof for sharing or transmitting such information to other networks or to different media. Additionally, the company may make suitable changes for adapting to the requirements of any such network or the recipient.


While purchasing online through the company, or any registered/ authorised retail partners or any registered/ authorised digital agency or any registered/ authorised third party with the company, the user agrees to share such data relating to products, including but not restricted to the URL, title, image, description, price, currency, category, unique id of the product and also any personally identifiable data such as user's name, address, date of birth, any demographic information,or any other information such as e mail address or mailing address as provided by the retail partners/ digital agency/ any other third party.

The use of this product implies that the user consents to the use of data in aggregate form; so collected for further processing and providing some additional products to the users or any other party whether or not for a price by the company. Additionally, use of this product imply that the users agree to allow sharing of any information or data so collected by the company with retailers or brands for providing a better customer experience or to boost the latter's revenues, provided, however, that WhatRuns shall not disclose any such data to third parties that uniquely identifies the Customer/ Shopper.


The company may decide to place advertisements on The product and these advertisements may be targeted to materials, content or any information or data on the product, images shared on The product or on any other information as may deem fit by the company or any of its authorised partners or retailers. Any changes to the advertisement with respect to type or extent may be made at the discretion of the company.

An underlying consideration of using The product is that the users agree to allow the company or any of its authorised parties to place advertisements related to any information, data, images, content or any other material supplied by the user or any of his/ her friends on the product.


Compilation and usage of any personally identifiable information provided to us by the users would be governed by this document and also by our privacy policy which can be found at https://www.whatruns.com/privacy. Use of The product by users imply that they agree to the use and collection of information as set out in the privacy policy, including but not restricting to transmitting or transferring information so collected to any other country including the USA for storing and/ or processing and finally used by the company or any of its authorised partners. As part of the product, the company shall be conducting important communications with users such as sending some important messages and announcements or connecting with users through any other communication channel as may deem appropriate by the company. A user may not be able to opt out of these mails unless otherwise his/ her product is terminated with the company.


The company is not responsible for any unavailability or system downtime and the company is not liable for any loss suffered by the user for the same. Additionally, the company retains the right to modify, update, change, part closure of The product or any feature thereof, or discontinue The product or any feature thereof at any time without any prior notice to the users.


The designs, logo, names, brands and trademarks (collectively hereinafter referred to as 'Trademarks') of the company or any other company identification channel used by the company is the property if the company. Users may not delete, modify or change any trademark or any aspect thereof without the written prior consent of the company or any authorised representative of the company thereof. Users may not claim permission to use such trademarks by way of estoppel, waiver or otherwise without the written consent as stated above.

The content displayed on The product (excluding the third party material) in the form of a video, graphics, text, look and feel of The product or its products, designs, images, sound, product experience or any other product related customised materials are the exclusive property of the company and/ or its authorised developers unless otherwise mentioned. Rights that are not explicitly stated are reserved and the company retains those.

In general, any copyrighted information, content, trademark or the material from The product cannot be published, distributed, reproduced, modified, or in any other way applied to reuse the information for an individual or an entity other than the company unless otherwise stated or specifically required by any of the governing laws, rules and regulations without the express prior written consent of the company or any authorised representative thereof.


Violation of any of the terms as stated in this document entitles the company to suspend or revoke the permission to use The product by any specified user or a group of users or any entity thereof. Additionally, the company may choose to permanently terminate the access to its product or any feature thereof in case of violation at any time without any prior notice to the user or the group of users.

Product Available ‘as-is’

An underlying consideration of providing The product is that it is provided to users on 'as is' basis and users do not hold any right to ask or request any modifications, changes to the content, images, graphics or any other such material to suit his requirement. However, it is at the discretion of the company to provide any additional or limited product or any feature thereof to any of its users without carrying any legal obligation to do the same. Additionally, the company may choose to provide different features and functionality to different set of users at its complete discretion.

Further, the company does not hold its liable for any infringement, warranties or fitness for a particular purpose for the user. The company disclaim accuracy, validity, authenticity, security, reliability of The product provided or any feature thereon. Furthermore, the company is not liable for any loss or damage suffered by the user due to access to or use of product or any material or information displayed or stored thereon, including but not restricted to any harm to the computer system and loss of valuable data.

The company does not guarantee or is liable for any uninterrupted, fully protected or no error product. Further, no information, material, content whether oral or written displayed on The product or from the company entitles the user to claim any warranty or damages unless otherwise expressly stated therein.


The product provided by the company may refer or contain a link to third party websites or any of its resources. However, mere link to such third party resources does not imply that the company endorses such resources, links, content, materials, information, products, products, recommendation or any other information which may be useful for the user, unless otherwise expressed by the company. The underlying condition of use of this product implies that the user has understood and agreed to the terms that the company or any of its employees is not responsible for the authenticity or availability of such third party resources, or any of its content, products, products etc made available on such resources. It is the sole responsibility of the user to bear all the consequences from use of such information or any content thereon fetched from the above mentioned third party resources.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The company is not liable for any omission, error, or outdated information, data or any other element that may affect the quality of the product. An underlying implication of use of this product is that the company has not verified The product independently or authenticated its features thereof (whether in whole or in part). The company does not promise the authenticity, accuracy, or completeness of the information provided and that the users do not have any right to charge company or hold it liable for any omission, error or timing of the information so stated whether or not provided by the company or its authorised third parties/ partners.

Limitation of Liability

The company or any of its authorised third party partners, contractors, agencies, affiliates or any other individual or entity so authorised by the company shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential, or special damages to the users or any other third parties with respect to - Access to or use of The product - Loss due to use or an attempt to use The product - Loss due to external links to The product - Losses/ damages caused due to unavailability or delay or inability of The product - Loss due to failure to provide The product or any feature thereof - Loss due to inaccurate information obtained through The product or any of the external links provided by the product

In case the user is not satisfied with either our product, or with any part or feature thereof or with any of these terms mentioned, then the company strongly recommends the user to exercise his/ her exclusive remedy of discontinuing with the product.


A precondition of using this product is that the user indemnifies the company, its employees, shareholders, affiliates, agents or any other entity or individual so authorised by the company from and against any liabilities, claims, damages and actions. This may be the result of, including but not restricted to reasonable legal and accounting fees claimed by any third party due to or resulting from (1) your use of The product and/or; your connection to the product; (2) your violation of the rights of others, these Terms, or any intellectual property or other right of any person or entity; or (3) any intellectual property infringement by any other user of your account, if an account has been assigned to you.


The company is head quartered in Mumbai, India and operates its products from this place. Additionally, the company is not responsible for supervising or monitoring appropriate usage of its product, any of its content, materials, information or features as governed by any other applicable laws, rules and regulations governing in other respective countries. It is the sole responsibility of the users to comply with the local or jurisdictional policies and laws which include but does not restrict to import- export laws of respective countries with respect to the products of the company.

Unless otherwise stated, the terms of this document are governed by the English law or any other operative law in the India and consequently conflicting laws, rules and procedures of other countries will not affect the product. In case of any dispute, legal notice or any other legal proceedings including but not restricted to actions, claims and damages, users shall take actions in the federal and other courts located in the Mumbai, India.

The terms and conditions mentioned in this document are construed to be personal to the users and users do not have any right to assign or transfer to any entity or individual without the prior written consent from the company. Any such attempt without the written prior consent from the company shall be null and void and the company is not liable for any subsequent damages and/ or claims of any nature.

If any provision of these Terms is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be contrary to law, then such provision(s) shall be construed, as nearly as possible, to reflect the intentions of the parties, with all other provisions remaining in full force and effect. The failure of the company to enforce any right or provision in these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision unless acknowledged and agreed to by the company in writing. These Terms comprise the entire agreement between you and the company and supersede all prior or contemporaneous negotiations, discussions or agreements, if any, between the parties regarding the subject matter contained herein.

General rules @ whatruns.com

The company and its products are governed by the applicable EU laws and accordingly there are certain restrictions including but not restricted to the type of communication among users or group of users and the language or images used for the communication. For this purpose, communication is construed as including but not limited to displaying, posting, publishing, sharing, recommending, commenting any text, images or graphics on the product. Users are obliged to comply with these rules, terms and conditions in order to comply with the applicable laws and also for creating a better web experience for other users. The company reserves the rights to change, update, delete or modify any or all of these rules any time without the prior notice to the users. Users are strongly recommended to check these rules at regular interval for complying with these.

Junk Content

Users are advised not to use or post any kind of junk content on The product for any reason whatsoever including but not restricted to promotions, receiving tokens, rewards or any other such promotional material. The company retains the right to make decision on whether or not the content may be considered as junk.


Users are strongly advised not to impersonate anyone using our product for misleading, deceiving, harassing or conducting any other unlawful act as may be deem appropriate by the company.


Users are warned to not post, publish or display personal and confidential information of other people whether or not related, unless otherwise consented by such other people in writing.

Violence and Threats

Users are strongly advised not to publish, post or display threats of violence against others using our product.

Hate Speech

A legal action may be taken against users provoking, publishing or displaying inappropriate material as decided by the company including but not limited to exhibiting hatred for an individual, entity, or group of people based on their race, colour, religion, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Unlawful Use

This product is not intended for use or promotion of unlawful or illegal activities whether direct or indirect. The product is not responsible for consequent penalties levied on the user for violating these terms.

Inactive Accounts

The company retains the right to remove or delete the accounts that are inactive for a period of more than six months. This timeline for inactive accounts may be changed from time to time at the discretion of the company without any prior notice to the users.

Links/ Virus/ Malware

Users are strongly advised not to post or publish any inappropriate link that may misguide or deceive other users. Users are warned not to publish any link or malicious content on The product that may damage, disrupt or cause any other harm to user's computer or compromise their privacy in any manner whatsoever.

False or Obscene

Users are advised not to publish, share or promote posting of misleading or obscene content, text, image or any other indecent material on the product.


Users are advised not to publish, post or promote such content whether or not with the intention of provoking, encouraging or advocating bullying or harassment to other users.

The company reserves all the rights to terminate, delete or suspend users account without any prior notice to the users in case of violation of any of these rules, terms and conditions. It is at the discretion of the company and it retains the right to decide whether or not a user has violated or breached the rules, terms and conditions of the product.