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Websites using myThings

About myThings

myThings is a retargeting personalization provider that uses machine intelligence to provide advertisers with engaging ad content in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find websites that are using myThings? provides insights into the technologies used on websites. To find websites using myThings, you can use our browser extension. Simply install the extension, visit the website you're interested in, and activate the extension. will then analyze the site and provide information about the technologies in use, including whether myThings is detected.

Can provide a list of all websites using myThings?

Yes, maintains a comprehensive list of all websites using myThings. It also offers real-time insights into the technologies used on specific websites that you visit. You can use our extension to discover if myThings is being used on the websites you're interested in.

What if I want to find a specific type of website using myThings, like e-commerce sites?

While can identify the presence of myThings on websites, it does not categorize websites by type. You can use the extension to analyze individual websites and gather insights into their technology stack. If you're specifically interested in e-commerce sites using myThings, you can manually explore websites in that niche and check for myThings using the extension.

Are the results always accurate? strives to provide accurate information based on the technologies it detects. However, please keep in mind that the accuracy of the results may vary. False positives or negatives can occur, and the information should be used as a reference rather than definitive proof of a technology's presence on a website.

How often is the data on website technologies updated?

The data provided by is based on the technology stack of websites at the time of your visit. It does not provide historical data or track changes over time. Therefore, you may want to revisit websites periodically if you're interested in tracking changes in their technology usage.